About Mount Batur

About Mount Batur Volcano

Mount Batur well know as a volcano for trekking in Bali, long time around 23.000 year ago Mount Batur or Batur volcano had big erupted, its during the disaster that marked the fore last shift of the earth’s poles, Huge explosion magnitude formed the gigantic Batur caldera which today has a diameter of 13 km wide, this one of the largest and most impressive eruptions in the world.

Before the impressive eruption to make Batur caldera, Mount Batur rose about 3.900 m above sea level and it was thus higher than Mout Agung volcano 3.142 meters above sea level.

Another huge eruption took place around 10. 600 year ago, at the time of the last shift of the earth’s poles, it formed a smaller caldera in side of Batur caldera. The secondary crater from 10.600 year ago with a diameter of 7.5 km in the middle of the larger caldera. At this time in the huge caldera populated by fives village are Songan, Kedisan, Buahan, Abang and Trunyan village “Baliaga village”.nowadays this place popular panoramic viewpoint of Penelokan with the current volcanic cone in its center.

The Batur caldera therefore actually consists of a gigantic and double elliptic crater with a total diameter of 10 x 13 km all together. The contrary to for example the volcanoes of Hawaii island, the magma where flows from the volcano freely and accumulate gradually as spreading lava sheets. But in Indonesia most of volcanoes the magma’s move far less readily. In reaching the surface of the Earth’s core, the Magma is moving more slowly and it has enough time to cool and will periodically block the release of important life forces up below.

Contrary to for example the volcanoes of Hawaii, where the magma flows freely and accumulate gradually as spreading lava sheets, Indonesian magma’s move far less readily. As the magma gets trapped this way great reservoirs of liquid magma accumulate within the volcano and building up pressure until the earth can no longer contain it. Without warning the top of the volcano gives way and the contained magma bursts forth with unimaginable violence. With the passage of time the volcano, its core now emptied with out any thing , slowly collapses back within itself to form a wide and giant sunken crater or caldera.

Eventually, the fresh magma reaches the surface of huge batur caldera, new volcanic vents may appear within it, step by step occluding it as discharged ash and lava gradually continue to accumulate. Finallyas fresh of magma that reaches the surface and it may appear a new volcanic vent in the caldera, nowadays called Batur volcano slowly depleted as occluding ash and lava gradually continue to pile up.

Mount Batur as we know it today was formed by an eruption in 1917, it is a still active sice then, secondary volcanic cone sporting numerous subsidiary vents around its flanks. It measured from the floor of the crater it rises within the circling embrace of the caldera to a height of 700 me, Mount Batur stand up 1.717 meter / 5.633 feet above sea level.

The eruptions of Mount Batur have been registered since 1804, since that time 22 eruptions of the volcano have occurred. From 1917 Mount Batur erupted many times that are 1926, 1963, 1974 1994, 1997,1998,1999 and last time on 2000, on each occasion shifting a little more to the west side, creating new sub craters that are referred to as Batur one, two and three respectively.

As it grows through frequent minor (and occasionally not so minor!) eruptions it gradually enlarges its base at the expense of the lake which is slowly shrinking in consequence. With an altitude of 1,746 m Mount Penulisan forms the second highest point of the caldera rim, here one can find the mysterious Pura Tegeh Koripan. It the highest and probably also the oldest temple of Bali. Located seclude in an isolated area along the eastern shore of lake Batur, at the foot of Mount Abang which is with an altitude of 2.152 meter (7,467 feet) the highest point of the caldera rim, one can find the Bali Aga village of Trunyan.

Lake Batur is the largest lake in the island. It is the best one volcano lake in Bali, the deep of lake is 70 meters, wide of lake is 7×25 km, It is sacred lake according Hindu believe, the water in south and east part of Bali come out from lake batur, lake batur is the main water in Bali or the water sources.  It precisely sit in eastern part of Batur caldera, Due to its height not only the temperature of the area is always cool but also the water of the lake also fresh, the are available Natural Hot Spring, that water spring come out to surface between 35 to 45 degrees, it very well for recover skin problem and realized tie muscle after trekking . The communities around the lake live mainly on agriculture and tourism and fish farm.

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